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    Not how it was supposed to be.

    Sometimes my spinning does not turn out as planned. Not everything that looks beautiful in a batt or top looks equally nice when I’ve spun it up.

    Same here: the nunoco batt (Autumn Sky: 21 Micron Merino, Honey Tussah Silk, Honey Soya, Corn Fibre) was lovely, but spun up some of the lighter areas looked kind of dull - especially those where corn fiber accumulated in the mix.

    It was intended to become a 2-ply, but after spinning the batts to two separate bobbins, I decided to go for a 3-ply and added one strand of commercial lace weight merino in bright orange to infuse some color.

    I am definitely not happy with the result. The orange yarn - although much thinner than my singles - now dominates the overall appearance of the finished yarn. It doesn’t speak to me at all.


    1. knitsandnonsense hat gesagt: Don’t forget it will look different again once it is knitted into something.
    2. von dielinsestrickt gepostet
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