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von einer die liest, fotografiert, podcastet, kocht und nun auch noch strickt.

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An meine deutschen Leser und Leserinnen. Ich werde hier mehr und mehr in Englisch posten, zum Üben und weil ich selbst viel auf englischen & amerikanischen Blogs lese. Kommentare sind aber auch in Deutsch jederzeit willkommen. :-)



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    I  have to learn that I must  spin reallllllly thin to get enough yardage when planning to chain-ply my singles. 210 meters (sport weight) per 105 grams … *sigh* … I will have to match it up with some yarn from my stash in order to get decent socks.

    Source: Sonnentaler handgefärbt
    Content: 70% Merino, 30% Nylon

    I’ve just become a backer. The idea is SO awesome.

    (and I got hooked listenig to Felix’ podcast … her soundscapes are the perfect background for my spinning :-) )


    Is is far too easy to fall down another rabbit hole.

    Old - And Mostly East-German - Craft Supplies.

    [Click pic for big]

    I’ve purchased a used and filled sewing box from Dawanda (the German Etsy equivalent) last week. After exploring the contents we (my significant other and myself) just had to play with it. We decided to knoll.

    What is knolling?

    Sox on Steroids.

    I have finally finished my first pair of self striping socks, and I can tell knitting those stripes is quite addictive. Unfortunately there is not that much  self striping sock yarn hand dyed in Germany. I have purchased most of my skeins in the US, UK or Finland.

    Although the fish lips kiss heel is the first short row heel that works for me (no wraps, no gaps, no sloppy stitches) stripey yarn does funny things to its appearance. The one bumerang row between the two halfs of the heel sometimes looks like a gap because of the color contrast. Note to myself: knit toes and heels in a different color next time.

    YarnHDYarns Fingering MCN
    Colorway: Helix
    Pattern: Ribbed vanilla socks, toe-up with a fish lips kiss heel

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    Creative knitting chaos on my desk. ;-)

    I would probably be the practical. ;-)

    (via madamedefargeknits)

    Not gray at all.

    I am normally much more into muted colorways - even on my feet. But my green chucks demanded some bright and stripey socks. So I obeyed.

    Yarn: HDYarns Fingering MCN
    Colorway: Helix
    Pattern: Ribbed vanilla socks, toe-up with a fish lips kiss heel