die linse strickt (me, knitting)

Book addict, photography addict, photo podcaster and (again) - after years of abstinence - knitter.

von einer die liest, fotografiert, podcastet, kocht und nun auch noch strickt.

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on monis motivklingel (Photography Podcast, German only),
on Kruste & Krümel (Cooking & Baking, German only),

An meine deutschen Leser und Leserinnen. Ich werde hier mehr und mehr in Englisch posten, zum Üben und weil ich selbst viel auf englischen & amerikanischen Blogs lese. Kommentare sind aber auch in Deutsch jederzeit willkommen. :-)



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    Mein neuer deutschsprachiger Audio Podcast | My new German audio Podcast

    Fiberthermometer. Gedanken aus der Faserpraxis.

    #01 - Ufo-Flotte

    Finished Object!!

    My daybreak shawl is finally done. I loved every minute knitting it - it was mindless, relaxing knitting and the yarn was (my) handspun. Both merino/silk tops came from Three Waters Farm. The semisolid colorway is “Burnt Orange” the variegated is “Cheerful Disposition”. Both have been spun up during Tour de Fleece.

    There is nothing better than knitting with your own handspun!

    The battery was empty … really! 

    I watch ‘Mad Men,’ I knit scarves, I cook and am very, very normal. Honestly.

    Annie Lennox

    Found via @kelleydeal on twitter. Made me smile :-)

    A simple Halloween knitting project […] ” I’ll get started on that tomorrow! XO

    25 Photos Of Sheep Blanketing The Earth Like Snow

    Isn’t that cute?!  My sister pointed me to this post at the purl bee and now I want (and might get) one.


    Eine Doppelseite im aktuellen Heft der Simply Stricken. Nur für mich. Ach Du ahnst es nicht. :-)

    A double-page spread in the latest issue of the German knitting magazine “Simply Stricken” … about me, my spinning, my knitting and this blog. I still can’t believe it.