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    Batt Transformation





    This is my second true woolen yarn. I’ve spun it long draw from the fold on my Schacht Reeves and (OMG!) fulled it slightly. It has been spun from four - 21 mic merino/tussah - batts, created by Candy and Laura from nunoco.

    The finished 2-ply is reasonably consistent (at least for a newbie in woolen spinning). It’s a light worsted yarn with a meterage 488m/200g. And it is super fluffy. I loooove it!


    And then one of your handspun yarns makes it onto the ravelry start page


    So that’s why there are suddenly comments on one of my spinning projects :-)

    Becky Stern - Disruptive Wearable Technology at HOPE X

    Totally awesome! … Maker, Knitting, Privacy

    Tour de Fleece 2014, the final

    I’ve plied aaaaaaaall day long and finished my last two yarns. The blue one (75% mulberry silk, 25% BFL) is 320 grams and 538 meters distributed to two skeins. The big skein is a classic 3-ply, the small skein is made from the “leftovers” ans has been chain-plied. (the “blue” photos have been taken pre-wash)

    The second skein is Three Waters Farm Merino/Tussah silk in the colorway “Cheerful Disposition”, 130g with a yardage of 415 meters, chain-plied. 

    My tour total is:

    • total fiber weight: 570 g
    • finished yarn: 1326 m
    • singles spun: 3978 m

    Tour de Fleece 2014, day 20

    Day 20 was travel day and I’ve spend many hours on the autobahn, so no spinning in the afternoon. Luckily I did manage to finish the second bobbin of the blue fiber in the morning. Yay!

    Tour de Fleece 2014, day 19

    … without words

    Tour de Fleece 2014, day 18

    … brings the first skein of  finished (and washed) yarn and more spinning on the blue mulberry silk / BFL top

    Knitting during Tour de Fleece

    Even during Tour de Fleece, you need time to knit. At least I do. So I’ve started a pair of socks from one of my handspun yarns. The pattern is Rettangolo and I think it is especially suitable for handspun.

    Tour de Fleece 2014, day 15

    After hours and hours of spinning the single, it was finally time to ply the burnt orange tonal. While the skein is soaking, here some unwashed pics. ;-)

    115 grams resulted in 372 meters of chain plied yarn. I cant wait to check out the washed skein.